BIONUT - gemengde noten* - 6 x 1 kg

  • NL-BIO-01
  • Processed in The Netherlands
  • EU/Non-EU Agriculture;

* Afkomstig van gecontroleerd biologische teelt

Wat is beter dan één soort noten? Een zorgvuldig gekozen melange van de beste biologische noten natuurlijk! Deze gemengde noten zijn ongeroosterd en ongezouten voor de puurste, gezondste smaken.

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What's better than one kind of nuts? A carefully chosen blend of the best organic nuts of course! These mixed nuts are unroasted and unsalted for the purest, healthiest flavors. This organic nut mix is delicious as a healthy snack without any additives. In addition, you can also use the mixed nuts excellently for all kinds of other dishes. For example, mix a handful into your muesli for just that little bit of extra flavor; or finely chop the nuts and mix them into pastries or cakes. Nuts are incredibly healthy because almost all of them are rich in unsaturated fats. These contribute, among other things, to a healthy heart. In addition, all the different notes have their own powers. For example, almonds are high in vitamin E, Brazil nuts have all the selenium you need, and with one handful of walnuts you have all your recommended daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids. The Nutrition Center therefore recommends that everyone eats a hand of unsalted nuts every day.


Voedingswaarde voor 100 gr
Energie (kj) 2743  
Energie (kcal) 663  
Totaal koolhydraten 11  g
  waarvan suikers 4  g
Totaal vet 61  g
  waarvan verzadigde vetten 8  g
Eiwit 18  g
Vezels 7  g
Natrium 6  Mg

We can only ship BioNut products when your total order is sent on a pallet.
To prevent breakage, BioNut does not send products in separate packages.


Walnut*, Cashews*, Brazil nuts*, Almonds brown*, Hazelnuts*, Almonds white*.

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