Zoethout* - gesneden

  • NL-BIO-01

* Afkomstig van gecontroleerd biologische teelt

Wanneer je last hebt van een zere keel of irritatie van de luchtwegen dan is zoethoutthee de kruidenthee die je wilt drinken.

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When you suffer from a sore throat or irritation of your airways, licorice is the herbal tea you want to drink. Licorice contains medicinal substances called glycosides. These glycosides break down the tough mucus in the airways. This way you can breathe easier and notice that you have to cough less. Licorice also has an anti-inflammatory effect and provides improvement in digestive problems and abdominal pain. The body can retain moisture through the use of licorice. Therefore, it is better not to use licorice often or too much, especially for children, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure. Licorice has a golden brown color and a sweet smell. It is not necessary for most people to add honey or sugar, due to its licorice taste. Advice for making the tea: water of 100 C, 2 grams per cup, leave to infuse for about 5 minutes.




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