Granola* - bosvruchten & cornflakes - VEGAN

  • NL-BIO-01
  • Processed in The Netherlands
  • EU/Non-EU Agriculture;

* Afkomstig van gecontroleerd biologische teelt

De biologische bosvruchtengranola is een ideale combinatie van zoet en voedzaam. De vlokken zorgen voor de voedingswaarde, en het gevriesdroogde fruit geeft een frisse smaak en een prachtig rode kleur.

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The organic forest fruit granola is an ideal combination of sweet and nutritious. The flakes provide the nutritional value, and the freeze-dried fruit gives a fresh taste and a beautiful red color. We make all our granolas ourselves by roasting the flakes in the oven. This makes them deliciously crispy. The flakes do not stick together, and retain their loose structure. The flakes are rich in dietary fiber and protein, while the sun seeds contain a lot of good, unsaturated fats. The granola is delicious with your favorite type of milk or yogurt, and possibly some fresh fruit. In addition to this granola, we have a huge selection of muesli, granola and other breakfast items so that everyone can find the perfect breakfast!


Wheat flakes*, Corn flakes*, oat flakes - coarse*, wholemeal oat flakes*, sunflower oil*, agave syrup*, sunflower seeds*, desiccated coconut*, almond flour*, Freeze-dried red currant whole*, Freeze-dried strawberries*, Freeze-dried raspberries*, Freeze-dried blueberries*, sea salt fine

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