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Let op: op dit moment kun je via het snelbestellen alleen het grootste formaat van een product bestellen. Als je bijvoorbeeld 5 kg in plaats van 10 kg wilt bestellen, kun je op de productnaam klikken en daar het juiste formaat kiezen. We werken eraan om dit ook in het snelbestellen mogelijk te maken!

Dates* - pieces
These organic dates are deliciously sweet of taste. The dates are already chopped in pieces, what it perfect to use it directly in all kinds of dishes.
Figs* - diced
Figs are known for their lovely, sweet taste and healthy properties. Our organic fig pieces are already chopped and perfect for use in many kinds of dishes.
Ginger* - seasoned
Seasoned ginger has the characteristic sharp taste of ginger, but sweeter. It is delicious to consume as a fast snack, but you can also use it for all kinds of dishes. For example, try making your own ginger cookies.
Goji berries*
Goji berries are known as superfood, and they are even tasty as well. Mix the goji berries in a smoothie or use it for breakfast for a delicious extra taste for healthy benefits!
Golden berries*
Inca berries owes its name to the fact of its origin: South-America. These fresh, sour berries are also called golden berries or physalis, and they are full of healthy nutrients!
Mango* - strips
This lovely sweet, organic mango is the perfect snack voor both children as adults. The dried mango is a bit more intensive as fresh mango, but it has the same sweet taste.
Mulberry's are known as superfood. Our organic mulberry's have a naturally sweet taste, and contains no extra sugar. They are perfect to use for granola, smoothies or other dishes.
Prunes* - without kernel
Our mild, sweet and dried prunes are a nice snack full of fibers and minerals. Our organic prunes are already pitted and ready to eat!
Raisins - Thompson*
Thompson raisins are dark brown raisins with a sweet taste. They are bigger and less sweet than the Sultana raisisns, but you can use them in the exact same way.
Raisins* - Sultana
These light brown raisins are a bit smaller and sweeter than the Thompson raisins, although you can eat and use them in the exact same way. Our organic Sultana raisins are unsulfurized.
Tomatoes* - sun dried
A little bit of salt is added to these aromatic dried tomatoes. The tomatoes have to be soaked in lukewarm water before use.
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