Nutritious Options for Ramadan

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Nutritious Options for Ramadan

In the coming weeks, from March 10 to April 9, is the month of Ramadan – a period of fasting, reflection, and spiritual connection. During this time, there will be no eating or drinking throughout the day. All foods are consumed during the two meals that are consumed before sunrise and after sunset.

Before sunrise, Suhoor is the first meal. It is essential to choose a meal rich in fiber. Fiber provides a long-lasting feeling of fullness during the fasting day. Our oatmealmuesli and granolas are perfect for that.

At sunset, the fast is broken with Iftar, a time of togetherness and abundant eating. Hot meals are ready to be shared among families and friends, and the tables are richly filled with delicious dishes made from brown ricecouscous and various legumes such as peaslentils and beans.

The end of Ramadan is celebrated with Eid ul Fitr, also known as Eid ul Fitr. It's all about getting together with family and friends and enjoying delicious food. The tables are filled with colorful flavors, from sweet treats to savory dishes. Bulgurcouscouslentils, or beans are often featured in a delectable and nutritious meal of Eid al-Fitr. And of course, our dates and walnuts make perfect treats for this festive occasion.


Ramadan kareem

Serving tip:


      8008-10 Walnuts* - half

      9009-5 Dates* - Medjool


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