Note: At the moment you can only order the largest size of a product via quick order. For example, if you want to order 5 kg instead of 10 kg, you can click on the product name and choose the correct size there. We are working on making this possible in quick order too!

Fusilli - volkoren*
Fusilli or spirelli is the name of the pasta variety in the form of a spiral, mostly six or seven centimeters long. A light or soft sauce fits the best for this paste, for example self-made pesto sauce.
Fusilli* - white
Fusilli or spirelli is a spiral, spindle shaped pasta, mostly six or seven centimeters long, used mostly in salads or with a light, soft sauce e.g. pesto sauce.
Pasta* - Neptunus dream
The Neptunus dream pasta is a dough product made of durum flour, tomato paste, beetroot powder, spinach powder and spirulina powder.
Penne* - wholegrain
Our pasta is made of the whole grain kernels of durum wheat. This contains complex carbohydrates and fibers that provide a good intestinal function. It is also a good source to receive vitamin B, iron and proteins.
Rye pasta*
This pasta is 100% made of rye. Rye is a distant relative of the wheat and has high nutritional value with vitamin B12 and dietary fibre.
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