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Candy mix*
Having tough decisions of which candy is your favorite? We bring a mix of all our favorite candies! This candy mix contains yogurt fruits, winegum bears, drop rolls, sour worms and cola bottles, so something for everyone!
The drop mix contains delicious licorice in all kinds of shapes and forms. They have a strong but pleasant licorice taste, that you can't get enough of.
Almost everyone has in the past, “or recently,” rolled out a licorice roll all the way into a licorice lace. Our organic licorice rolls have an intense but pleasant licorice taste. They contain no gelatin, making them suitable for vegetarians & vegans.
Sour worms*
IDorganics sour worms are deliciously sweet fruit candy's with a sour layer of sugar. The organic sour worms contain no gelatine and are therefore also suited for vegetarians and vegans.
Winegums* - cola bottles
Cola bottles are classic candies, and that is not without reason! The characteristic taste of cola and lime make this candy deliciously fresh and sweet. Our cola bottles contain no caffeine.
Winegums* - fruit - bears
The well-known gummy bears, but fully organic and without gelatine! IDorganics winegums fruit bears have a strong texture and the lovely sweet taste of apple, orange, citrus, black berry, raspberry and pineapple.
Yogurtfruits* - soft
Organic, gluten free, soft yogurt-fruit with sweet fruity aroma that none can resist!! IDorganics yogurtfruit is a mix of pineapple, mango, strawberry, orange and grapes flavours.
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