Calabacita figs

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Calabacita figs

We are proud to be able to offer our customers dried organic figs from Spain this year. To this end, we have partnered with the family business of the organic farm Los Llanillos in the Extremadura region. For generations, the cultivation of the Calabacita fig tree and the processing of its figs has been the basis of the local economy of the city of Almoharín.

Calabacita figs, they are also called Spanish baby figs because they are smaller than figs that come from Turkey. They are characterized by a unique taste and texture, pleasantly sweet and soft with a thin skin. Calabacita figs make a beautiful combination with ingredients such as chocolate or cinnamon. They are a healthy snack that is rich in fiber, potassium, and calcium.

The organic cultivation of these figs is of great importance for the Extremadura region. The Calabacita figs have been cultivated there since Roman times. Unlike other varieties of figs, there are no pollinating insects involved in fertilization: Calabacita figs are parthenocarpic. This means that the fruits develop without fertilization having taken place.

Because this region is so hot and dry, the figs dry naturally on the tree itself. Production is a completely manual process, from harvesting on the trees to selection in the factory. In this way, it provides employment for the local population and thus prevents the exodus of villages and towns. Women's employment is particularly important: 60% of the workforce is female and working hours are organised in such a way as to reconcile work and family life.

We have a warm heart for this project and hope that you and your customers are happy with our choice.

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