Energy bar with goji berries and chia seeds

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Energy bar with goji berries and chia seeds

Easy to make: 12 energy bars for a whole week of energy!

For 12 pieces

Preparation time: 60 minutes

Characteristics: vegetarian, vegan (when using soy butter), wheat-free



  • 50 grams of goji berries
  • 100 grams pecans, roughly chopped
  • 100 grams of sesame seeds
  • 100 grams of oat flakes
  • 100 grams apricot pieces
  • 100 grams of pumpkin seeds
  • 50 grams of chia seeds
  • zest of 3 oranges
  • 170 grams of (soy) butter
  • 130 ml rice syrup
  • 120 ml agave syrup
  • Baking tray and parchment paper


Soak the goji berries in water for 15 minutes and set aside. Toast pecans, sesame seeds, and oat flakes in a kitchen pan until fragrant. In a large bowl, combine chia seeds and orange zest and add the toasted ingredients. Drain the goji berries and add them as well. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Make sure the baking sheet fits in the fridge.

Make a caramel of (soy) butter, rice syrup and agave syrup by bringing it to the boil in a saucepan over low heat until the mixture turns slightly dark. To check if the caramel is good, let it cool a little on a spoon. When it hardens, the caramel is good. If it still remains soft, let it boil for a while. Mix the warm, liquid caramel with the rest of the ingredients and spread the mixture over the baking paper. You can smooth the top by placing a sheet of baking paper over it and pressing it well.

Place the baking sheet with the mixture in the refrigerator and let it harden for about 30 minutes. Then cut it into pieces of the desired size. The energy bars can be stored in a tightly sealed drum or canister for about a week.

Recipe and photo courtesy of restaurant Spirit and Gimsel Rotterdam


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