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Almonds* - brown, dry roasted
These brown almonds are being roasted dry for a perfect, nutty taste without added oil. These almonds are delicious without further additions, and can be used for all kinds of dishes.
Almonds* - brown, roasted & salted
There is almost no better snack than perfect roasted organic almonds with a little bit of sea salt. We roast the brown almonds with a bit of vegetable oil to enhance the flavor, and you can definitely taste it!
Almonds* - cinnamon & sugared
Cinnamon almonds are a true classic. There is almost no other snack that can match the combination of organic, roasted almonds with a bit of cane sugar and a bit of cinnamon.
Almonds* - tamari roasted
The nutty taste of roasted almonds goes perfectly together with the rather salty taste of the tamari. Our roasted tamari almonds are a lovely, healthy snack, but can also be used as addition in salades or other savory dishes.
Almonds* - white, roasted & salted
Roasted organic almonds are even nicer with a pinch of sea salt. We roast the white almonds with a bit of vegetable oil to enhance the flavor, and you can definitely taste it!
Cashews* - chili-honey roasted
Chili-honey cashews are a delicious snack with drinks. We combine the roasted organic cashews with the surprising taste of spicy chili and sweet honey.
Cashews* - roasted & salted
These organic cashews are perfectly roasted and flavored with a pinch of sea salt. This enhances the creamy taste of the cashews.
Cashews* - sour cream roasted
Roasted cashews with sour cream & onion are a special snack. The creamy taste of the cashews combines well with the fresh taste of sour cream.
Cashews* - tamari roasted
The somewhat salty taste of the tamari goes perfectly together with the mild and creamy cashews. The cashews are being roasted together with the tamari, for the good taste of soy sauce in the cashews.
Hazelnuts* - pieces - roasted
Our roasted and chopped hazelnuts are perfect for baking or cooking. For example, try making your own hazelnut paste, without unnecessary additions.
Katjang Pedis*
Katjang pedis are peanuts in a crispy herb layer and is a classic among the nuts.
Peanuts* - roasted & salted
Roasted and salted peanuts are a classic for every occasion with snacks, and that's for a reason. We roast our peanuts with a little bit of vegetable oil for the perfect taste.
Peanuts* - with skin, roasted
These organic roasted peanuts are a perfect snack. The distinctive taste gets even better by roasting the peanuts with skin.
Soy nuts* - roasted & salted
Roasted soy nuts are a delicious crispy snack full of proteins and fats. Consume it as a snack or mix the soy nuts with other nuts and dried fruit for an unique snackmix.
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