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Cornflakes are a world-famous breakfast, and not without reason. The mild taste and crispy texture makes the cornflakes almost loved by everyone. The organic flakes are made of roasted corn and lightly sweetened with corn syrup.
Crunch* - seeds & nuts
IDorganics cruncy breakfast, a mix of seeds and nuts makes it nutritious and satisfying. Sweetened with coconut sugar, this crunch is a delicious breakfast.
Crunch* - seeds & nuts - Copy
Breakfast full of nutrients! This crunch offers proteins, fiber, healthy fat and taste, all packed in one bowl. Perfect power packed breakfast to start the morning.
Granola - sugar beet syrup*
This crispy granola is perfect basis for a delicious breakfast. This granola is sweetened with sugar beet syrup for a lovely sweet taste.
Granola* - agave & honey
This crunchy, sweet granola is a perfect basis for a delicious breakfast. The roasted flakes go well together with the natural sweet taste of the agave syrup and honey.
Granola* - chocolate
There is almost no better breakfast then crispy granola with a subtle chocolate taste. The roasted flakes are deliciously crunchy while the rice crispies provide a airy surprise.
Granola* - cranberry & apricot
The sweet apricots and fresh cranberry's make this granola a lovely and nutritious breakfast. The almonds and flakes see to a satisfied feeling, while the dried fruits give you the fast energy for a good start.
Granola* - dark chocolate & cranberry
With pure chocolate and organic cranberry, our Granola becomes a healthy and nutritious breakfast. The unique sour and sweet flavour of cranberry goes well with the granola and adds a tasty twist to the breakfast.
Granola* - flower power
IDorganics' crunchy roasted spelt flakes are perfect for a good start of the day. The crispy spelt flakes go well with the natural sweet taste of the agave syrup and honey.
Granola* - forest fruits & cornflakes
The organic forest fruit granola is a perfect combination of sweet and nutritious. The flakes provide the nutritional value, while the freeze-dried fruit gives a fresh taste with its beautiful red color.
Granola* - power
This granola ensures your powerful start of the day! The almonds and seeds give a long-term satisfied feeling, while the raisins and cranberry's provide fast energy.
Granola* - spiced biscuit, almond & raisin
The combination of warm gingerbread spices and almonds is surprisingly tasty! The granola seems maybe a bit unusual, but the ingredients go perfectly together.
Granola* - superfoods
This granola full of superfoods will make your day! The dried fruit go perfect together with the crispy flakes and provide an excellent boost.
Muesli basis*
IDorganics offers this delicious muesli with oatflakes, barley flakes and wheat flakes with sunflower seeds and raisins thompson. It's fully organic, satisfying and healthy!
Our organic muesli is an excellent start of the day. This is a perfect common muesli for everyone who wants a nutritious breakfast without extra's, or for who wants to create his own kind of muesli.
Muesli* - cranberry
The cranberry muesli is a surprising combination of crispy granola, soft grain flakes and dried fruit. The cranberry's and apple pieces make the muesli sweet, while the roasted hazelnut pieces and the granola provide a crunchy bite.
Muesli* - energy
This muesli is based on the principle 'more is more', and you can tell that! The muesli is full of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. This is the perfect choice for anyone who likes a strong boost for breakfast.
Muesli* - strawberry's and raspberry's
The organic strawberry-raspberry muesli is the perfect combination of sweet and nutritious. The nuts and flakes provide the nutrition value, while the freeze-dried fruit gives a fresh taste and a nice red color.
Muesli* - wheat free
The organic, wheat free muesli is a delicious start of the day. The roasted buckwheat gives a deliciously crispy bite, next to all the ingredients that you are used to of muesli.
Rice crispies* - forest fruits & milk
You're quite alright with these rice crispies for a colorful breakfast. The puffed rice has its pink color thanks to the different fruit juices.
Rice crispies* - natural
Rice crispies exist of nothing else than organic puffed brown rice. Combine the rice pops with your favorite kind of milk and some fresh fruit for a lovely airy breakfast.
Spelt muesli* - apple & cinnamon
Try combining the healthy spelt with the taste of apple and cinnamon for a nutritious and deliciously breakfast. The grains and nuts give you enough energy to start the day, while the apple pieces and speltpops make this muesli slightly different.
Spelt muesli* - extra
The spelt muesli extra is a surprising breakfast with a sweet, summerly taste. Besides the classic nuts and dried fruit, has this muesli also pecan nuts and crispy banana chips.
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