Products tagged with biologische granen

Let op: op dit moment kun je via het snelbestellen alleen het grootste formaat van een product bestellen. Als je bijvoorbeeld 5 kg in plaats van 10 kg wilt bestellen, kun je op de productnaam klikken en daar het juiste formaat kiezen. We werken eraan om dit ook in het snelbestellen mogelijk te maken!

Buck wheat*
Buck wheat can be recognized by the triangle shape of the seeds. This raw buck wheat is unroasted and has light brown, green seeds. It is also called a pseudo grain, because the buck wheat is not a grass.
Bulgur is a grain product that is being made of wheat. The wheat grains become steamed, dried and afterwards pulverized. The format of the bulgur grains is dependent of the grinding process of the wheat.
Couscous* - whole grain
Couscous is especially known from the North-African kitchen. It is made of wheat grits, that is being shaped into little balls. these are dried afterwards, just like with many pasta's.
This corn is specific kind of maize that has the optimal moisture for popcorn. The popping of the maize takes place when the moisture and the oils in the grain are heating up. Because of this, the pressure increases until the skin snaps.
Quinoa is a pseudo grain that especially made his rise in the Dutch kitchen these recent years. Quinoa originates from the Andes region in South America, where it already grows for about 3000 years.
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