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Deze vlokkenmix bestaat uit onze drie populairste granen: tarwe, gerst en haver. Het vormt de basis van veel van onze mueslis, en is uitermate geschikt om je eigen muesli mee samen te stellen.
The drop mix contains delicious liqourice in all kinds of shapes and forms. They have a strong but pleasant drop taste, that you can't get enough of.
Almost everyone rolled a drop roll all the way to a drop lace back in the days (or recently). Our organic drop rolls have an intense but pleasant drop taste. Besides, they contain no gelatine, making them also suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
Energy mix*
This mix of dried fruit, seeds and nuts is perfect for everyone that needs some extra energy. The dried fruit has a nice sweet taste, while the nuts and seeds provide that extra bite.
Energy mix* - superfoods
Our energymix with superfoods is the ultimate snack for everyone who needs a big boost! The combination of dried fruit, seeds and nuts see to a perfect balance of fast energy and satisfaction.
Fennel seed*
Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a plant from the umbel family. Both the tuber, the leave as the seed is suited for consumption. When the fennel blossoms, the seeds are shaped and dried for use in spice factories.
Figs* - natural, Turkish
Figs are being known for their lovely, sweet taste and healthy properties. Dried figs are a fantastic snack, but also excellent for all kinds of dishes.
Figs* - pieces
Figs are known for their lovely, sweet taste and healthy properties. Our organic fig pieces are already chopped and perfect for use in many kinds of dishes.
Foodmix* - raw
This luxury, raw, foodmix exists only of the best superfoods. The combination of mulberry's, golden berries and goji berries makes this a superhealthy mix full of fibers, vitamins and minerals.
Forest fruit mix* - freeze-dried
You will find nothing else then the nicest forest fruits in the freeze-dried forest fruit mix. The sweet strawberries and fresh raspberries go perfectly together with the fresh, sour taste of red berries and blue berries.
Four-grain flakes
What is better than three grains? four grains of course. This mix contains oat, barley, rye and wheat for even more variation. This is the perfect base for a strong breakfast!
Fusilli - volkoren*
Fusilli or spirelli is the name of the pasta variety in the form of a spiral, mostly six or seven centimeters long. A light or soft sauce fits the best for this paste, for example self-made pesto sauce.
Fusilli* - white
Fusilli or spirelli is the name of the pasta variety in the form of a spiral, mostly six or seven centimeters long. A light or soft sauce fits the best for this paste, for example self-made pesto sauce.
Gember - gekonfijt, poedersuiker*
Gekonfijte gember heeft de karakteristieke scherpe smaak van gember, maar dan zoeter. Deze gember met poedersuiker lijkt qua uiterlijk op Turks fruit. 8Het is heerlijk als snelle snack, maar je kunt het ook in allerlei gerechten verwerken. Maak bijvoorbee
Gin berry*
De jeneverbes (Juniperus communis) is een conifeer uit de cipresfamilie.
Jeneverbessen worden bijna altijd gedroogd gebruikt.
Ginger* - pure chocolate*
This seasoned ginger with pure chocolate is really one to be loved! The spicy taste of the ginger and the dark chocolate make this a characteristic snack.
Ginger* - seasoned
Seasoned ginger has the characteristic sharp taste of ginger, but sweeter. It is delicious to consume as a fast snack, but you can also use it for all kinds of dishes. For example, try making your own ginger cookies.
Golden berries*
Inca berries owes its name to the fact of its origin: South-America. These fresh, sour berries are also called golden berries or physalis, and they are full of healthy nutrients!
Granola* - agave & honey
This crunchy, sweet granola is a perfect basis for a delicious breakfast. The roasted flakes go well together with the natural sweet taste of the agave syrup and honey.
Granola* - chocolate
There is almost no better breakfast then crispy granola with a subtle chocolate taste. The roasted flakes are deliciously crunchy while the rice crispies provide a airy surprise.
Granola* - cranberry & apricot
The sweet apricots and fresh cranberry's make this granola a lovely and nutritious breakfast. The almonds and flakes see to a satisfied feeling, while the dried fruits give you the fast energy for a good start.
Granola* - forest fruits & cornflakes
The organic forest fruit granola is a perfect combination of sweet and nutritious. The flakes provide the nutritional value, while the freeze-dried fruit gives a fresh taste with its beautiful red color.
Granola* - power
This granola ensures your powerful start of the day! The almonds and seeds give a long-term satisfied feeling, while the raisins and cranberry's provide fast energy.
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