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Licorice* - sliced
Whenever you experience irritation of a sore throat or your respiratory tract, Licorice is the herbal tea that you want to drink.
Peppermint tea has a light brown color, a mint taste and aroma. It is a refreshing tea that can also work as a remedy for nausea, heartburn, migraine and tension headaches.
Aduki beans are small and red-brown of color. They are especially popular in the Asian kitchen and are often used for desserts and other sweet dishes.
Almonds* - brown
Organic almonds in purest condition. These raw almonds need no further processing, they are already delicious in its unroasted and unsalted state.
Almonds* - brown, dry roasted
These brown almonds are being roasted dry for a perfect, nutty taste without added oil. These almonds are delicious without further additions, and can be used for all kinds of dishes.
Almonds* - brown, roasted & salted
There is almost no better snack than perfect roasted organic almonds with a little bit of sea salt. We roast the brown almonds with a bit of vegetable oil to enhance the flavor, and you can definitely taste it!
Almonds* - cinnamon & sugared
Cinnamon almonds are a true classic. There is almost no other snack that can match the combination of organic, roasted almonds with a bit of cane sugar and a bit of cinnamon.
Almonds* - dark chocolate*
Dark chocolate and almonds are a classic combination! These crispy brown almonds are mixed with a delicious layer of pure chocolate.
Almonds* - dark chocolate* & coconut*
These almonds with dark chocolate and coconut are a delicious snack for everyone that is crazy about the combination of crispy almonds and creamy chocolate. The mild coconut and dark chocolate are a perfect addition to the almond.
Almonds* - milk chocolate*
Almonds and chocolate are a popular combination, and not without reason! These crispy brown almonds are mixed with a delicious layer of sweet, creamy milk chocolate.
Almonds* - milk chocolate* & cinnamon*
Chocolate and cinnamon is a surprising but still a classic combination. add some nice crispy almonds to it, and you got a snack that is delicious for everyone!
Almonds* - tamari roasted
The nutty taste of roasted almonds goes perfectly together with the rather salty taste of the tamari. Our roasted tamari almonds are a lovely, healthy snack, but can also be used as addition in salades or other savory dishes.
Almonds* - white
Organic white almonds are all-round and need no further additions. The unroasted, unsalted almonds are shortly blanched to erase the skin.
Almonds* - white chocolate* & coconut*
These coconut - white chocolate almonds are irresistible! The creamy, crispy, chocolate almonds and tropical coconut are a combination that is really worth trying out!
Almonds* - white, roasted & salted
Roasted organic almonds are even nicer with a pinch of sea salt. We roast the white almonds with a bit of vegetable oil to enhance the flavor, and you can definitely taste it!
Apple rings*
Almost no one can resist the sweet taste of dried apple. Our crispy, organic apple rings are loved as a snack by both children as adults.
Apple rings* - cinnamon
The sweet taste of dried apple goes perfectly together with a pinch of cinnamon. This classic combination is almost satisfying for everyone. Our crispy, organic apple rings are loved as a snack by both children as adults.
Apple* - pieces
These organic apple pieces are perfect as addition to all kinds of dishes and pastries. For example, try mixing a handful of apple pieces with muesli for a healthy, sweet snack.
Our organic, dried apricots have a lovely sweet taste. They are perfect as a fast snack or addition to all kinds of recipes or pastries.
Apricots* - pieces
Our organic, chopped apricots have a delicious sweet taste. The apricots are already chopped in little pieces, what makes them perfect as addition to all kinds of dishes.
Balsamic-vinegar* - dark
Balsamic can also be described as the king among the vinegar's and is enormously popular. It is a bit syrupy and has a balanced, rich taste and aromatic scent.
Banana - chips*
This crunchy banana-chips is a healthy snack for both children and adults. The banana-chips is sweetened to enhance the natural taste of bananas. They are lovely as addition to salad or muesli.
Barley flakes*
Barley is a very old, light digestible grain that is available nationwide. Barley was the most edible grain in Europe before wheat took this roll over. Barley flakes are also often found in muesli and bread.
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