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Herbal tea* - good morning
Good morning herbal tea is a mix with i.e. lime blossom, marjoram, time and oregano.
Licorice* - sliced
Whenever you experience irritation of a sore throat or your respiratory tract, Licorice is the herbal tea that you want to drink.
Peppermint tea has a light brown color, a mint taste and aroma. It is a refreshing tea that can also work as a remedy for nausea, heartburn, migraine and tension headaches.
Black tea* - Earl grey
This is a world-famous, classic tea variant that is a favorite because of the refreshing citrus taste.
Black tea* - English breakfast
Despite the name is English breakfast a lovely tea for each moment of the day
For centuries long, chamomile is being consumed as tea. The flowers can be recognized by the yellow heart and the white leaves, they grow across the whole of Europe.
Green tea* - lemongrass
This green tea melange has the lovely fresh taste of citrus grass. This is a delicious tea for each moment of the day.
Green tea* - maté*
Maté is originally from South America, where drinking maté is a very social occasion.
Herbal tea* - good evening
Good night herbal tea is a mix with i.e. basil, lime blossom, rosemary and verveine.
Herbal tea* - good night
Good night herbal tea is a mix with i.e. lavender, lime blossom, melissa and hop.
Herbal tea* - star-blend*
Star-blend is a herbal tea with star anise and licorice as basic ingredients. Besides this, also fennel, juniper and mint is used.
Lemon grass*
Lemongrass is a tropical grass that is known for the citrus taste.
although we often see it as weeds, nettle is a very versatile vegetable. You can make a nice, healthy tea of the dried leaves.
Rooibos tea has a beautiful red color and a somewhat sweet, nutty taste.
Rooibos* - earl grey
This rooibos variant combines the sweet, nutty taste of the rooibos with a delicate bergamotaroma, what causes the Earl Grey to have that characteristic scent.
Rooibos* - orange*
The fresh orange enhances the sweet, nutty taste of the rooibos perfectly. This surprising combination makes the the tea fresh and sweet.
Rose petals*
Rose petals have a lovely soft scent and taste. The tea of rose petals has a relaxing and uplifting effect.
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