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Blueberries* - freeze dried
Our freeze-dried blue berries are simply blue berries. Freeze drying keeps the color and taste of the berries perfect, so that sweeteners or preservatives are unnecessary.
Forest fruit mix* - freeze-dried
You will find nothing else then the nicest forest fruits in the freeze-dried forest fruit mix. The sweet strawberries and fresh raspberries go perfectly together with the fresh, sour taste of red berries and blue berries.
Red berries* - freeze dried
The freeze-dried red berries simply exist of red berries. The red color and fresh taste remains perfect by freeze-drying the berries. There are no additions required.
Raspberries* - dark chocolate*
If you are familiar with chocolate fondue, you know how nice the combination of fruit and chocolate can be. These freeze-dried raspberries with a layer of dark chocolate are the perfect combination of fresh fruit and rich choco
Raspberries* - freeze dried
! TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE The freeze-dried rasp berries exist of raspberries and nothing else! Freeze drying keeps the taste and color perfectly conserved. The raspberries can be consumed as a snack or as addition to yogurt, muesli or pastries.
Strawberry's* - freeze dried
What you experience when you eat a handful of freeze-dried strawberries? The sweet fresh taste of crispy strawberries. Our organic strawberries are 100% strawberry, and contain no additional sweeteners or preservatives.
Figs* - natural, Turkish
Vijgen staan bekend om hun heerlijk zoete smaak en gezonde eigenschappen. Gedroogde vijgen zijn een fantastische snack, maar je kunt ze ook uitstekend verwerken in allerlei gerechten.
Rice malt syrup*
Special Offer | BB: 30-08-2022
Rice malt syrup is a thick, sticky, golden syrup. It is a natural sweetener, made of rice and malt (sprouted barley).
Wine vinegar* - red -
Special Offer | BB: 14-02-2022
Vinegar is a natural product. If the juice of fruits ferments, alcohol arises. The alcohol is converted into acetic acid under influence of air and de bacteria: Acetobacter.
Lemon grass*
Special Offer | BB: 30-10-2021
Lemongrass is a tropical grass that is known for the citrus taste.
Nut mix* - dried fruit
Special Offer | BB: 04-08-2022
This mix of raw nuts and sweet dried fruit is a fantastic snack. The combination of sweet and hearty food makes every bite a surprise.
Foodmix* - raw
Special Offer | BB: 21-06-2022
This luxury, raw, foodmix exists only of the best superfoods. The combination of mulberry's, golden berries and goji berries makes this a superhealthy mix full of fibers, vitamins and minerals.
Pasta* - Italian style
Special Offer | BB:19-09-22
We have made this classico extra special by adding purple carrot and sweet potato. Not just a classico, but a superior! Just add boiling water and let it stand for 5 minutes. Just stir and you are ready to go!
Vitafood - oatmeal* - raisin, apple & cinnamon - 9 x 60 gr. - Copy
These smaller oat flakes are perfect suited for making oat meal. Combine the flakes with a milk of your choice, cook it ready within 2-3 minutes and let it rest for about 5 minutes.
Vitafood - lentils* - potato* - Stew - 9 x 58 gr. - Copy
Green lentils have a strong, characteristic taste. The combination with potatoes and thyme as seasoning makes this a surprising stew.
Vitafood - lentils* - potato* - Stew - 9 x 58 gr. - Copy
Green lentils have a strong, characteristic taste. The combination with potatoes and thyme as seasoning makes this a surprising stew.
Vitafood - couscous* - pumpkin spice - 9 x 58 gr. - Copy
Couscous is especially known in the North-African kitchen. It is made of wheat grits, that is shaped to little balls and dried afterwards, just like with pasta's. Couscous is relative simple to make.
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