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Almonds* - dark chocolate*
Dark chocolate and almonds are a classic combination! These crispy brown almonds are coated with a delicious layer of dark chocolate.
Almonds* - milk chocolate*
Almonds and milk chocolate are a deliciously sweet combination for everyone! The crispy brown almonds are coated with a delectable layer of creamy milk chocolate.
Almonds* - milk chocolate* & cinnamon*
Chocolate and cinnamon is a surprising but classic combination. Add some nice crispy almonds to it, and you get a snack that is delicious for everyone!
Cashews* - white chocolate*
This is really a combination that we can't resist! Mild, creamy cashews and sweet, white chocolate make a perfect snack together.
Chocodrops* - dark chocolate
These delicious dark chocodrops contain 54% cocoa. They are not only nice as a snack, but also perfectly suited to make all kinds of lovely chocolate recipes, desserts & cakes.
Chocolate Delight*
The chocolate delight is the perfect choice if you prefer to try out all sorts of chocolate! This mix of pure chocolate almonds, milk chocolate hazelnuts and white chocolate cashews are something special for everyone.
Coconut cubes - soft - dark chocolate*
This combination of dark chocolate with coconut cubes form together a known tropical taste that makes you feel like being on a sunny beach.
Coconut cubes* - oatmilk chocolate*
The flavour of slightly nutty, lightly sweet, tropical coconut and healthy oatmilk chocolate pulls towards it rather again and again. Everyone seems to love it. Can't wait to pop one in the mouth right away!
Cranberry's* - dark chocolate*
Healthy Cranberry's full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with the goodness of dark chocolate.. A sweet and scrumptious treat for everyone! 
Ginger* - dark chocolate*
This seasoned ginger with dark chocolate is really one to be loved! The spicy taste of the ginger and the dark chocolate make this a characteristic snack.
Hazelnuts* - dark chocolate*
Dark chocolate and hazelnuts are just as lovely as the known combination of hazelnuts and milk chocolate. The rich taste of the dark chocolate is a gorgeous addition to the nutty taste of the hazelnuts.
Hazelnuts* - milk chocolate*
Hazelnuts could maybe be the most common nut to combine with chocolate. And our organic, crispy hazelnuts are really nice with a layer of sweet, creamy milk chocolate.
Milk chocolate* - IDO - chunks
Our milk chocolate is made with utmost care and love. The richness of taste and trust on the pure ingredients make it such a delight to savour them. The kid in you is going to love it!
Oatmilk chocolate* - IDO - chunks
Oat milk chocolate is a non-dairy alternative to milk chocolate with rich, creamy texture. Its neutral taste helps in retaining the natural taste of chocolate. A healthy option for breakfast!
Peanuts* - dark chocolate*
Peanuts with a nice layer of dark chocolate is real classic. This is a tempting snack that almost no one can resist!
Raisins* - dark chocolate*
Juicy raisins tucked in rich dark chocolate is a delectable combination! The goodness of nutrient-rich raisins coated well with dark chocolate offers a treat in-between the meals or with a coffee.
Raisins* - milk chocolate*
Chocolate raisins are truly a favorite snack for adults and children. It is a lovely combination. The raisins are mixed with a layer of sweet, creamy milk chocolate.
Raisins* - oatmilk chocolate*
Our Raisins Oatmilk chocolate is a combination of the sweetness of raisins with healthy oatmilk chocolate.
Raisins* - tricolore*
Our tricolore raisins are for anyone that loves chocolate in all kind of ways. This mix of pure chocolate raisins, white chocolate raisins and milk chocolate raisins is a real treat for each chocolate lover.
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