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Aduki beans are small and red-brown of color. They are especially popular in the Asian kitchen and are often used for desserts and other sweet dishes.
Beans* - black
These relative small and shiny beans are especially popular in the Latin-American kitchen. The black beans have a strong texture, and are loved as meat substitute.
Beans* - white
White beans are a versatile addition to every kitchen. They remain relative strong after soaking and cooking, making them suited all kind of dishes, like stews and soups.
Kidneybeans* - red
Red kidney beans thank their name to its shape. These popular beans are especially nice in slow cooked dishes, like chili.
Lima beans*
Lima beans are big, flat white beans. These beans are called butter beans in the United States, because of the creamy texture and rich, buttery taste. They are really good in bean salades or stews.
Mung beans*
Mung beans are small, green beans that are especially used in the Asian kitchen. The beans are both used in savory as sweet dishes. Many dishes have a pasta of cooked mung beans as base.
Pinto beans*
Pinto beans can be recognized from their light brown color with dark brown spots. This is also where the name comes from, the Spanish word 'Pinto' means literally 'speckled. They are especially popular in the United States and Mexico.
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