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Sunflower oil*
Sunflower oil is pressed from the pits of the sunflower. The pits contain approximately 45% oil. It is a clear, pretty thin, fluid vegetable oil with lots of vitamine E and a high grade of multiple unsaturated fatty acids (omega 6 and 9).
Sunflower seeds*
Organic sunflower seeds are delicious as a healthy snack. You can eat the sunflower seeds directly because they are already peeled. Our sunflower seeds are raw and very nice, but the taste is even better when you roast them shortly in a dry baking pan.
Sunset Soup mix*
Sunset Soup mix is a combination of ingredients to prepare a delicious, nutritious soup. The mix consists of barley, red kidney beans, green split peas, Dahl lentils, green lentils, white beans, pinto beans, black beans and red split peas.
Super muesli*
The organic super muesli derives its name to the huge variation of ingredients that together form a nutritious and strong breakfast.
Superfood mix*
Our organic superfood mix is full of healthy dried fruit. A handful of this mix can be the best way to pass your appetite, and get a good dose of vitamins and minerals at the same time!
Tamari is a Japanese soy sauce that is produced with hardly any what, so it is not fully gluten free.
Tarwe Khorasan Kamut®*
Tarwe Khorasan Kamut® is een eeuwenoude tarwevariant die oorspronkelijk afkomstig is uit het huidige Iran. Het graan staat bekend om de grote korrels en wordt geroemd om de zoete, nootachtige smaak en stevige textuur. De merknaam Kamut® garandeert dat het
Thyme (thymus) is a plant from the lip flower family. Especially the 'common' bush-shaped thyme is used as a kitchen herb.
Tomatoes* - sun dried
A little bit of salt is added to these aromatic dried tomatoes. The tomatoes have to be soaked in lukewarm water before use.
Tricolore rice*
The tricolore rice is a true feast for the eyes! the lightbrown rice has a beautiful contrast with the red rice and the darkbrown wild rice.
Walnuts* - half
Our organic, raw walnuts are deliciously crispy and creamy with a typical nutty taste. They are already peeled so you can eat them whenever you want.
Walnuts* - pieces
Our organic walnuts are deliciously creamy and cripsy, with a typical nutty taste. These walnuts can be perfectly used as addition on cake or bread, because they are chopped in pieces.
Wheat flakes*
Wheat is an highly versatile grain that is eaten all over the world. We use it for bread, pasta, cookies, and a lot more.
Wine vinegar* - red
Vinegar is a natural product. If the juice of fruits ferments, alcohol arises. The alcohol is converted into acetic acid under influence of air and de bacteria: Acetobacter.
Winegum mix*
Having tough decisions of which candy is your favorite? We got a mix of all our favorite candy's! This candy mix contains yogurt fruits, winegum bears, drop rolls, sour worms and cola bottles, so something for everyone!
Winegums* - cola bottles
Cola bottles are classic candy's, and that is not without reason! The characteristic taste of cola and lime make this candy deliciously fresh and sweet. Our cola bottles contain no caffeine.
Winegums* - fruit - bears
These are the well-known gummy bears, but then organic and without gelatine! They have a strong texture and the lovely sweet taste of apple, orange, citrus, black berry, raspberry and pineapple.
Wjinazijn - wit*
Azijn is een natuurproduct. Als het sap van vruchten gaat gisten, ontstaat alcohol. Onder invloed van lucht en de bacterie Acetobacter, wordt de alcohol omgezet in azijnzuur
Zonnebloempitten* - geroosterd - melkchocolade*
Iedereen is gek op chocolader zonnebloempitten, en dat is zeer goed te begrijpen! Onze romige chocolade en geroosterde zonnebloempitten zijn een heerlijke combinatie.
Zonnebloempitten* - geroosterd - witte chocolade*
Iedereen is gek op chocolader zonnebloempitten, en dat is zeer goed te begrijpen! Onze romige chocolade en geroosterde zonnebloempitten zijn een heerlijke combinatie.
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