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Calypso Pilaff*
Calypso Pilaff is a healthy mix of brown basmati rice, green and dupuy lentils and finally yellow split peas. You can simply make a delicious, nutritious meal with this healthy mix. Pilaff (or pilav) comes originally from the Middle-East.
Cane sugar* - light
Cane sugar light is a fine light colored sugar that comes from the sugar beet.
Cane sugar* - raw
Raw cane sugar is sugar that comes from the sugar beet. This sugar is produced in a natural way and is not refined. It is a light brown sugar beet and has a rich aroma with a touch of caramel.
Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) is family of ginger and a thatched herbal that is originally from India. Cardamom is the dried capsule of this plant, both the grinded seeds are used as the whole pod that they reside in.
Cashew-macadamiamix* - honey roasted
This luxury mix of organic cashews and macadamia's is roasted with honey. The mild taste of the nuts goes well together with the honey. The result: a lovely sweet snackmix.
Our organic cashews are completely unprocessed: no salt and unroasted. They are a delicious snack, but you can use cashews in many different ways.
Cashews* - chili-honey roasted
Chili-honey cashews are a delicious snack with drinks. We combine the roasted organic cashews with the suprising taste of spicy chili and sweet honey.
Cashews* - pieces
Our organic, chopped cashews are completely unprocessed and so unroasted and unsalted. They are lovely as a snack, but you can use them in all kinds of ways.
Cashews* - roasted & salted
These organic cashews are perfectly roasted and flavored with a pinch of sea salt. This enhances the creamy taste of the cashews.
Cashews* - sour cream roasted
Roasted cashews with sour cream & onion are a special snack. The creamy taste of the cashews combines well with the fresh taste of sour cream.
Cashews* - tamari roasted
The somewhat salty taste of the tamari goes perfectly together with the mild and creamy cashews. The cashews are being roasted together with the tamari, for the good taste of soy sauce in the cashews.
Cashews* - white chocolate*
This is really a combination that we can't resist! Mild, creamy cashews and sweet, white chocolate make together a perfect snack.
For centuries long, chamomile is being consumed as tea. The flowers can be recognized by the yellow heart and the white leaves, they grow across the whole of Europe.
Cherry berry almond mix*
This snackmix is a deliciously healthy snack. The cherry berry almond mix is especially loved by the surprising combination of the mild almonds and fresh sour cranberry's and cherries.
Chia seed* - black
Since a couple of years, chia seed, has become enormously popular as super food, and that is not without reason! The high content of fibers and omega-3 fatty acids makes chia seed an incredibly healthy ingredient.
The chickpea is maybe the most eaten boon in the world. It is an highly versatile boon that, for example, forms the base for falafel and humus.
Chocodrops* - pure chocolate
These delicious pure chocodrops contain 42,8% cacao. They are not only nice as a snack, but also perfectly suited to make all kinds of lovely chocolate recipes, desserts & cakes.
Chocolate Delight*
The chocolate delight is the perfect choice if you prefer to try out all sorts of chocolate! This mix of pure chocolate almonds, milk chocolate hazelnuts and white chocolate cashews are something special for everyone.
Cinnamon* - grinded
Cinnamon is a versatile spice that combines well with both sweet as savory dishes. It is mild, sweet and rich of taste, especially a recommendation when you sprinkle it purely.
Coconut chips* - roasted
The characteristic taste of our coconut chips is enhanced by roasting them perfectly. The coconut chips is 100% made of organic coconut, without further additions. Coconut chips can be well used for baking or cooking.
Coconut cubes - soft - pure chocolate*
These pure chocolate coconut cubes makes you feel being on a sunny beach. The combination of sweet coconut and dark chocolate form together a known tropical taste.
Coconut cubes* - soft - milk chocolate*
These milk-chocolate coconut cubes makes you feel being on a sunny beach. The sweet coconut and creamy milk-chocolate form together a known tropical taste.
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