SUN coffee: Refreshing redesign & two new coffee variations

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SUN coffee: Refreshing redesign & two new coffee variations

Discover the new look of SUN coffee! Soon, our packaging will undergo a fresh transformation. A change in packaging, but no compromise in taste. But that's not all! We are delighted to announce two brand new products that enrich our range.

For SUN coffee, we are always looking for new ways to share our passion for coffee, while at the same time striving for social justice, environmental sustainability and exceptional taste experiences. That's why we're excited to announce our two newest additions: Arabica House Blend and Sailed Coffee.


Arabica home blend: an amalgamation of three worlds

Our Arabica house blend is a tribute to the rich diversity of coffee beans and the passionate farmers who grow them. With the already familiar flavors of Blue Mountain, Café Femenino and Santa Rosa beans, this blend of three worlds in one coffee cup is a flavorful experience for any coffee lover. Blue Mountain beans, known for their smooth flavor and mild acidity, combined with the vibrant notes of Café Femenino and the deep aromas of Santa Rosa, provide a balance of unique flavors and aromas.


Sailed Coffee: A Journey of Sustainability and Community

Sailed coffee is no ordinary coffee. This coffee comes by sailing freighter from Colombia to Amsterdam and is then roasted in our roastery in Zaandam.


Sailed coffee is produced in collaboration with Cooagronevada, a Colombian cooperative known for its commitment to organic farming, fair trade, and women's welfare. This cooperative mainly focuses on improving the quality of life of women, their families and the communities to which they belong. What makes Sailed Coffee unique is that it is produced exclusively by women and roasted in our roastery by our coffee roaster Wioletta, who has been working at IDorganics for more than 15 years. By partnering with Cooagronevada, we are committed to fair prices for producers and gender equality. With Sailed Coffee, you not only support the cultivation of high-quality coffee, but also the recognition of women.


For the sailing of the coffee to the Netherlands, we work together with Kaap Kargo from Amsterdam. Their sailing freighter the Ide Min is originally a tugboat built in 1957 in East Germany that was converted into a sailing charter ship in Poland in 1993. In 2022, the Ide Min in Amsterdam was converted into a sailing cargo ship that can sail 60 tons of cargo across the world's oceans. An impression of the first voyage of our Sailed coffee can be found here: This voyage was made with the smaller sailing freighter Lun II.


At IDorganics, we are not only proud of our SUN coffees, but even prouder of the stories and values behind them. We invite you to be a part of our journey towards a better coffee world.


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