Our granola range – now vegan

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Our granola range – now vegan

At IDorganics, we have been working for some time to make our range vegan as much as possible. Because we make many different products, we always do this per product group. For our product group Nuts, we have adapted the recipe of the roasted nuts in such a way that we no longer roast them with sunflower oil. You can find more information about this here -->.

Also within our Chocolate product group we now offer various vegan chocolate products, more about this: Artisanal-made-vegan-oat-milk chocolate. And now it's our granola range's turn.

What is granola?

One calls it crunchy, another granola and the next talks about crunchy muesli.
We call our oven-baked, richly filled mueslis: granola. Granola differs from other breakfast foods in that the grains and other ingredients are roasted. How do we actually make our granola?

It all starts with the recipe. Jetse, the founder of IDorganics, has developed recipes for various basic granolas. Our basic granolas always consist of one or more types of cereal flakes, such as oats, wheat or spelt, sunflower oil, a sweetener such as agave syrup, beet sugar syrup or inulin and a pinch of salt. We make a mixture of this. We spread this mixture as a thick layer on baking trays. We slide these baking trays into a large rack. The rack goes into our production oven where we bake the granola. After baking, we let the granola cool on the plates. The flakes are then nice and crispy and are loose on the baking tray. Then we further process the basic granolas. This can be as the main ingredient for a richer filled granola by adding various other ingredients such as seeds, nuts and dried fruits. We also pack the basic granolas in their pure form.

We add dried fruits such as raisins, currants and/or cranberries only after baking. This keeps them nice and soft. We also roast the nuts and/or seeds we add, depending on the recipe. We do this separately or simultaneously with the flakes. This will also make the seeds and/or nuts nice and crunchy.

Where we used to use honey in many of our granola recipes, we have removed this from our recipes. As a result, you can now choose from a wide range of vegan granolas. We let the existing granola range run out and at the same time the renewed granolas flow in. Below you will find an overview of the current article numbers and the new article numbers for the vegan variants.


art.nr. now

art.nr. vegan

Item Description

Status of vegan items



Granola agave




Granola - cranberry & apricot




Granola - forest fruits & cornflakes




Granola - superfoods




Granola - flower power




Granola - power




Muesli - cranberry



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